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Shipping and payment


For deliveries in the following countries we will charge, regardless of the amout of the order, the shipping fees listed at the target destination.

The option "Priority shipping" will have your order processed with priority at our shipment providers. Chosing this option will not have any influence on availibilty of the item or the time of shipment!

For exclusive products we offer economy shipping from 1,90 €
This shipment type will be delivered by the Deutsche Post. Please note, that this option might require a longer delivery time.

Target destination Standard Priority shipping
Deutschland (DE) 3,90 €
Albanien (AL) 11,90 €
Belgien (BE) 11,90 €
Bosnien-Herzegovina (BA) 11,90 €
Bulgarien (BG) 11,90 €
Dänemark (DK) 11,90 €
Estland (EE) 11,90 €
Finnland (FI) 11,90 €
Frankreich (FR) 11,90 €
Georgien (GE) 11,90 €
Gibraltar (GI) 11,90 €
Griechenland (GR) 11,90 €
Großbritannien und Nordirland (GB) 11,90 €
Guernsey (Kanalinsel) (GG) 11,90 €
Irland (IE) 11,90 €
Island (IS) 11,90 €
Isle of Man (IM) 11,90 €
Italien (IT) 11,90 €
Jersey (Kanalinsel) (JE) 11,90 €
Kroatien (HR) 11,90 €
Lettland (LV) 11,90 €
Litauen (LT) 11,90 €
Luxemburg (LU) 11,90 €
Malta (MT) 11,90 €
Mazedonien (MK) 11,90 €
Monaco (MC) 11,90 €
Montenegro (ME) 11,90 €
Niederlande (NL) 11,90 €
Norwegen (NO) 11,90 €
Österreich (AT) 11,90 €
Polen (PL) 11,90 €
Portugal (PT) 11,90 €
Republik Moldau (MD) 11,90 €
Rumänien (RO) 11,90 €
San Marino (SM) 11,90 €
Saudi Arabien (SA) 11,90 €
Schweden (SE) 11,90 €
Schweiz (CH) 11,90 €
Serbien (RS) 11,90 €
Russland (RU) 11,90 €
Slowakische Republik (SK) 11,90 €
Slowenien (SI) 11,90 €
Spanien (ES) 11,90 €
Tschechische Republik (CZ) 11,90 €
Türkei (TR) 11,90 €
Ungarn (HU) 11,90 €
Zypern (EU) (CY) 11,90 €
Taiwan R.O.C. (TW) 19,90 €

Payment methods

You can choose between the following payment methods:

Secure shopping

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation with all data, by E-Mail. Subsequently you can secure your order for free through the PayPal buyer protection (PayPal account needed).

Payment by PayPal

Secure and simple payment by PayPal. After placing the order you will be forwarded directly to PayPal. As soon as your payment is confirmed - usually within minutes - we will process your order. If you return any items of your order the amount will credited to your PayPal account.

Payment by credit card

processed by PayPal - You do not need a PayPal account

You can pay easily by using your credit card. We do not store any credit card data on our systems. Payments by credit card will be processed by PayPal.

Payment by direct debit (only in Germany)

processed by PayPal - You do not need a PayPal account

Surely you can pay by direct debit. For direct debit you just need your bank account.
Payments by direct debit will be processed by PayPal.

Purchase on account for private customers (only in Germany)

processed by PayPal - You do not need a PayPal account

You can purchase your order also after receiving it on account. The invoice will be sent to you in a separate E-Mail after we shipped your order. Purchases on account will be processed by PayPal.

Payment in advance

Please transfer the total amount under indication of your order number to our bank account. You can find our bank account in your order confirmation E-Mail.